What does Vintage mean?
We call vintage an item that is more than 20 years old. Vintage is not the same as “second hand” and “used”. Vintage means high quality and great beauty. The value of a vintage item lies in the unreproducible and unique style and charme.

How much does it cost to sell on Vintag?
Vintag applies a 8% fee on any sold item that has a value below 299,99€ . On sales above 300€ a fixed fee of 25€ is applied. The fees are paid by the sellers and are not applied on shipping.
Vintag will ask the fees to the seller. In case the payment is not made in 7 days time, Vintag will block the user until the payment is made. At the end of the month Vintag will send the user an invoice.

What do I need to sell on Vintag?
Three things are needed to start selling on VINTAG
A vintage item (or an item of the allowed categories, e.g. an “icon”); a VINTAG profile; a PayPal account connected to VINTAG (To open a PayPal account go to , it is easy and it will take just a minute of your time).

How do I sell an item?
Post four photos of the item you want to sell (if possible, take the photos using natural light and try to show as many details as possible).
Write a description of the object, including brand, size, etc.
Choose category and period the object falls into, remember to fill in the section about shipping and select a fair price. Now tap the “sell” button, look at the preview and there it is, you are selling on Vintag!
Tip from the team:
Answer questions from buyers, be friendly, and specificy any flaw of the item to avoid problems.
How do I ship the item?
To take advantage of PayPal seller protection you must use a traceable shipping method. Proof of
delivery can be in printed or electronic form, and it must include date of shipping, buyer address
and date of delivery. After having shipped the item let the buyer know it by clicking on “I sent the

How do I leave a feedback to the buyer?
To leave a feedback to the buyer go to “profile”, then “sold”, and click on the item. You can leave a comment and rate the buyer 5 stars.
Leaving feedback is of the utmost importance as they are useful for all the community. We encourage our users to leave feedbacks even if it is not mandatory.

I am not sure the object I want to sell is authentic 
You can contact our team via to freely have our advice on the originality of an item. Thanks to our collaboration with the group “WG consulenze”, we can help you assess the legitimacy and originality of the object before posting it on Vintag.
Send more photos of the item along with your username to . You will receive our opinion in a few days.
WG is a Facebook group that defines itself as an "amateur group of exchange of opinions" that has more than 14k members. During the years, the group has become a strong and respected reality for all vintage lovers. Since the beginning of Vintag, Gabriella Marotta (gabryga on Vintag) has actively participated and showed her ability and professionality.
However, Vintag and WG opinions, although qualified and specialised advices, do not have legal value. As defined in the rules of the WG facebook group ( ) the authentications are not legally valid and binding, and should not be treated as such.
Vintag and WG advices are a free tool with the aim of helping and protect the community of the app. The members that do not respect the rules and post unauthentic pieces will be prosecuted.

Why did you block 0,01 € on my PayPal account?
To avoid fraud and verify that your profile is real, Vintag temporarily blocks 0,01 € (one Euro cent) when you connect your PayPal account to Vintag.
At the end of the verification procedure, usually after 30 days, the Euro cent is unblocked.
Remember that in case you disconect your PayPal account to Vintag, the procedure will be re-done every time you reconnect PayPal.

What items are prohibited on Vintag?
You cannot sell: food, beverages, weapons, drugs, animals and all the rest that are not part of the categories fixed by Vintag.

How can I protect myself on Vintag?
First of all, only sell through the app. It is forbidden to exchange phone numbers, private mails, credit card numbers, links redirecting to other marketplaces, and any information that could induce to make the payment off the app.
Once you receive the sale notification check the payment on your PayPal account to benefit from PayPal seller protection.
Send the item to the address we send you by Email and that you can see on PayPal. Shipping to another address ( even if asked by the seller) will make you lose the benefit of PayPal seller protection. If the buyer insists, you will need to reimburse him and ask for him/her to change his/her address and re-make the purchase.

The buyer asked me to buy the item off the app. What should I do?

Please be aware that proposing to buy and sell off the app is forbidden.
Every user is invited to report any wrong behaviour; buying and selling off the App, not only goes against the rules, but also damages all the community. Those who don’t respect the rules will be banned from the App.

How can I forecast the shipping price?
To forecast how much shipping will cost you can weight and measure the item and see how much shipping for that item will cost.
If you need help you can contact us at
The Vintag team monitors and continuously checks the shipping prices inserted in the app, which must be fair and just. Inserting a shipping price which is not at market price damages the app, because fees are not applied on them. For this reason, if you insert a wrong price for your item, the Vintag team will ask you to change it and in case of fraud you will be blocked from using the app.
A dispute has been opened for an item I sold, what should I do In case of a dispute, Vintag has the power to suspend the profiles of the users involved to analyse the information available and solve the problem. After the resolution of the dispute, Vintag can reopen the profiles or block them permanently.

Why do I need PayPal to sell on Vintag?
PayPal is mandatory because it gives buyers and sellers protection in case of any problem. Don’t worry, PayPal is safe and signing up is free, however, a small fee will be taken from PayPal every time an item is sold.

Can I give people my phone number on Vintag? Can I link my social media?
It is forbidden to exchange phone numbers, private mails, credit card numbers, links redirecting to other marketplaces and social networks, and any information that could induce to make the payment off the app.
Personal information create discomfort, confusion, and incentivize the use of other marketplaces.
Vintag relies on fees to support the customer service and improve the app, therefore it is evident that buying and selling off the app damages Vintag. These notions are accepted by the user when registering on the app, going against these rules cause the suspension and removal from the app.
Moreover, remember that the fees of Vintag are the lowest in the marketplace environment.
For any further enquiries please refer to the rules you can read on the app and on our website.

How can I get my fees reimbursed?
If you reimbursed the buyer you will need to send us an email in order to receive the fees back.
Write to these info:
your Vintag username (e.g. @username);
mail address you used to sign up on Vintag;
date of the sale;
your PayPal mail address;
username of the buyer.

Moreover, you will need to attach:
a screenshot of your PayPal account showing the reimbursement you sent to the buyer or the
anulment of the payment done by the buyer.
We will verify the issue and send back the fees you payed.

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