How do I buy an item on Vintag?

In order to buy on Vintag you will need to download the app and create an account by entering e-mail, password and username. Once registered you will need a Paypal account or a credit/debit card.

How do I conclude the purchase?

Have you found the object of your dreams?
Just tap on the “buy” button and choose the delivery method!
After having checked everything, click on “buy now”. You can then choose between paying through paypal or using your credit/debit card by clicking on “pay with card”.
Remember to always check your address in order to be covered by Paypal buyer protection (


Tip from our team:
If you want to know more about an object, feel free to ask the seller for more information. More photos can be easily shared through the private chat!

How do I know if the seller has shipped the item?

Ask the seller the tracking code with which you can track and follow your package until arrival. To
safeguard you and the seller, always ask for a traceable shipping.
If the seller followed the right procedure you will also receive a mail from the Vintag team
informing you that the seller shipped your item.

I haven’t received my item or it is not as described.

If any problem occurs contact the seller that will help you to solve the issue in a friendly way. If the problem persists and you want to know how to tackle it you can contact as via mail at

I don’t know if the item I want to buy is original.

You can contact our team via to freely have our advice on the originality of an item. Thanks to our collaboration with the group “WG consulenze”, we can help you assess the legitimacy and originality of the object before concluding the purchase.

Ask the seller for more photos of the item and send them along the seller username to . You will receive our opinion in a few days.


WG is a Facebook group that defines itself as an "amateur group of exchange of opinions" that has
more than 14k members. During the years, the group has become a strong and respected reality for all vintage lovers. Since the beginning of Vintag, Gabriella Marotta (gabryga on Vintag) has actively participated and showed her ability and professionality.
However, Vintag and WG opinions, although qualified and specialised advices, do not have legal value. As defined in the rules of the WG facebook group ( ) the authentications are not legally valid and binding, and should not be treated as such.
Vintag and WG advices are a free tool with the aim of helping and protect the community of the app. The members that do not respect the rules and post unauthentic pieces will be prosecuted.

I don’t have Paypal, can I still buy on Vintag?

You don’t have Paypal but you still want to buy an item? Don’t worry, we got you covered!
You will just need to click on the “buy” button and follow the steps to buy by using your credit/debit card instead of Paypal. Just check that your shipping adress is right!
Please be aware that proposing to buy and sell off the app is forbidden.
Every user is invited to report any wrong behaviour; buying and selling off the App, not only goes against the rules, but also damages all the community. Those who don’t respect the rules will be banned from the App.

If you have any other questions, you can write us at

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